Internet of Things

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Internet of Things

Connecting the physical world to a computer or mobile device via the Internet. Internet of Things (IoT) includes home appliances, door locks, doorbells, thermostats, lighting, sleep monitors, security cameras, fitness bands, as well as sensors for traffic monitoring. It is estimated there will be trillions of IoT devices in the future.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Industrial IoT connects all machines in a manufacturing environment, the benefits being real-time monitoring and preventive maintenance. However, conversion is a major issue because many industrial sensors do not transmit via the Internet protocol (IP over Ethernet). They use modems, RS232/485 and other signaling methods. See IoBT, RS-232 and RS-485.

A Unique ID Is Required
In order to avoid conflict as more things are connected, items need unique identification. GS1 EPCglobal administers the commercial side, while R&D is done by Auto-ID Labs, which previously developed the Electronic Product Code (EPC) for RFID tags. See RFID, EPC, Internet of Thieves, Internet of Everything, LPWA, IoT gateway, IoT hub, IPv6, M2M and LTE for iOT.

Just the Beginning
This Miele washing machine was Wi-Fi enabled in 2001. If a part starts to fail, it contacts the dealer and the user. Increasingly, appliances such as this are connected via the Internet.
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It is a pleasure for the World Bank to partner with Thailand on making digital technologies and Internet of Things work for the benefit of all, said Shabih A.
We are proud to be the first operator in Tunisia to deploy this technology, which is globally recognized as the most successful Internet of Things solution,' he added.
The Internet of Things is playing an increasing role as an enabler of economic development.
Showing the strong global growth in the Internet of Things, technology giant Dell EMC recently announced plans to invest $1 billion in the Internet of Things by 2020.
Across the wider Middle East and North Africa, more than three-quarters of digital-leading organizations will invest in Big Data and Internet of Things in 2018.
The SAP stand will showcase Internet of Things in Live Airports, the SAP Leonardo Experience for the recently-launched digital innovation system, and SAP Blockchain for Real Estate.
Specifically, unsecured Internet of Things devices have become an asset to malicious actors launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.
They have refined their methodologies to work more efficiently and are currently working to integrate the Internet of things to the cloud platform.
The recently announced SAP Leonardo digital innovation system has been enhanced to include new accelerators for industries and the Internet of Things, extended tools for SAP Build and new Cloud Foundry packages for SAP Cloud Platform for partners.
This book introduces technical aspects of the internet of things (IoT), including its components, architectures, software, and protocols.
TAP) -- Licenses of Internet of Things were awarded on Thursday in Tunis to 29 companies following the call for tenders concerning the granting of licenses for the installation and operation of access networks for the supply of the Internet of Things (IOT) services, launched on February 14, 2017 by the Ministry of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy.
Many Internet of Things deployments combine several use cases in a single vision.

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