Internet router

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Internet router

(1) A router within the Internet that forwards IP packets from one network to another. Same as "IP router." See core router and edge router.

(2) A router in a home or business network that is used to forward traffic to and from the Internet. See wireless router.

(3) (InterNet Router) Macintosh software from Apple that internetworks different access methods (LocalTalk, EtherTalk, TokenTalk, etc.). Residing in any network station, each Router can connect up to eight networks with a maximum of 1,024 networks and 16 million nodes.
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The flagship Cisco 12000 series Internet routers are based on a unique distributed architecture that delivers the IP+Optical networking foundation and service building blocks to accelerate the evolution of the Internet.
The Apple Internet Router, like all Apple products, is easy to set up and configure.
The modular design of the Apple Internet Router allows for current and future Apple and third-party extension products to be easily added as an organization's network grows.
The Apple Internet Router software operates on all Macintosh computers with at least four megabytes of memory and System 7.
Includes Apple Internet Router software and installer, DialUp Wide Area Extension and SNMP Router Agent.
The Juniper Networks M-series Internet routers will enhance the performance, reliability and scalability of the growing Korean public network supporting fast, reliable connections in the PUBnet Points of Presence (PoPs) using 1 Gbps circuits.
Cisco's 10Gbps-per-slot 12400 Internet Routers also help enable Interoute to dynamically grow its network without the need to forklift out major network elements, whilst at the same time keeping capital costs under control, thereby also minimising Interoute's capital and operating costs.
The new Cisco technology implemented for this project comprises a core layer including Cisco 12000 Series Internet Routers and Cisco 7206VXR Internet Routers.
By integrating Cisco 12000 Series Internet routers into its current Cisco network, Arcor is able to lower the time and cost of deployment and at the same time build a solid IP network foundation that can be scaled to deliver further services such as VoIP and Video services in the future.
During this period of leading edge code testing, the core network deployed Fast Reroute capability in which Avici Systems (AVCI) and Cisco Systems (CSCO) participated with TSR/SSR and Cisco 12400 Series Internet Routers, respectively.
In order to handle the rising demand of bandwidth, COLT has selected the Cisco 12400 Series Internet Routers as a means of immediately boosting capacity in the core to 10 gigabit per second.
COLT Telecom Deutschland has selected Cisco 12410 Internet Routers and Cisco 12406 Internet Routers.

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