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Using acronyms as a shorthand for phrases in email, instant messages, texting and chat sessions; for example, BTW for "by the way" and IMHO for "in my humble opinion." The acronyms have turned into a new language, also called "techspeak," "textspeak," "geekspeak," "Internet speak," "Webspeak" and "IMglish." For people who cannot type fast and hunt and peck every letter, these acronyms are a blessing. Following are some popular examples. See leetspeak and alphanumerish.

 .02        My two cents worth.
 <3         Sideways heart (I love you).

 ADIP       Another day in paradise.
 AFAIK      As far as I know.
 AFK        Away from keyboard.
 A/S/L      Age, sex, location.
 ASIG       And so it goes.
 ATM        At the moment.
 AWGTHTGTTA Are we going to have to go
             through this again.
 AYS        Are you serious?
 AYT        Are you there?

 B4N        Bye for now.
 BBL        Be back later.
 BFF        Best friend forever.
 BFN        Bye for now.
 BLNT       Better luck next time.
 BM&Y       Between me and you.
 BME        Based on my experience.
 BRB        Be right back.
 BTDT       Been there, done that.
 BTW        By the way.

 CMIIW      Correct me if I'm wrong.
 CRBT       Crying really big tears.
 CTN        Can't talk now.
 CU         See you.
 CUL        See you later.
 CWYL       Chat with you later.
 CYA        See ya.

 DETI       Don't even think it.
 DILLIGAF   Do I look like I give a f***
 DQMOT      Don't quote me on this.
 DUR        Do you remember?
 DYJHIW     Don't you just hate it when..

 EBCAK      Error between
             chair and keyboard.
 EBKAC      Error between
             keyboard and chair.
 EMFBI      Excuse me for butting in.
 EWG        Evil wicked grin.

 F2F        Face to face.
 FCOL       For crying out loud.
 FOAF       Friend of a friend.
 FWIW       For what it's worth.
 FYI        For your information.

 GAL        Get a life.
 GD&R       Grinning, ducking and running.
 GMTA       Great minds think alike.
 GR8        Great.
 GTG        Got to go.

 HB         Hurry back.
 HBU        How about you?
 HHOK       Ha, ha, only kidding.
 HODL       I am hodling (holding).
 HTH        Hope this helps.

 IANAL      I am not a laywer, but...
 IAW        In accordance with.
 IDK        I don't know.
 IIRC       If I recall correctly.
 IMCO       In my considered opinion.
 IMHO       In my humble opinion.
 IMO        In my opinion.
 IOW        In other words.
 IRL        In real life.

 JFF        Just for fun.
 JK         Just kidding.
 JOOTT      Just one of those things.
 JW         Just wondering.

 KIA        Know-it-all.
 KK         Okay, all right.
 KNIM       Know what I mean.
 KPC        Keeping parents clueless.

 LMAO       Laughing my ass off.
 LD         Later dude.
 LOL        Laughing out loud;
             Lots of luck.
 LMIRL      Let's meet in real life.
 LULz       Lots of laughs.
 LY         Love ya.
 LYLAS      Love ya like a sister.

 MEH        I fell so-so.
 MGB        May God bless.
 MOO        My own opinion.
 MNC        Mother nature calls.
 MWA        A kiss (the sound of "mwa.")
 MYOB       Mind your own business.

 N2M        Not too much.
 NALOPKT    Not a lot of people know this.
 NIGI       Now I get it.
 NIH        Not invented here.
 NM         Nothing much.
 NOOB       Beginner (see  newbie).
 NP         No problem.
 NVM        Never mind.
 NW         No way.

 OIC        Oh, I see.
 OMG        Oh my God!
 OMW        On my way.
 OOH        Out of here.
 OOO        Out of office.
 OTFL       On the floor laughing.
 OTOH       On the other hand.
 OTP        On the phone.

 PAL        Parents are listening.
 PEBCAK     Problem exists between
             chair and keyboard.
 PEBKAC     Problem exists between
             keyboard and chair.
 PIR        Parents in room.
 PITA       Pain in the ass.
 PLBCAK     Problem lies between
             chair and keyboard.
 PLBKAC     Problem lies between
             keyboard and chair.
 PMJI       Pardon my jumping in.
 PMO        Piss me off.
 POS        Parent over shoulder.
 POTATO     Person over 30 acting 21.
 PRW        Parents are watching.
 PTG&LI     Playing the game & loving it.

 RBAY       Right back at you.
 RHIP       Rank has its privileges.
 RL         Real life.
 ROFL       Rolling on floor laughing.
 ROFLMAO    ROF, laughing my ass off.
 RT         Real talk.  Being honest.
 RTFM       Read the f***ing Manual (see  RTFM).
 RUOK       Are you OK?

 SC         Stay cool.
 SFAIK      So far as I know.
 SIT        Stay in touch.
 STFU       Shut the f*** up!
 SUP        What's up?
 SWL        Screaming with laughter.

 TANSTAAFL  There ain't no such thing 
             as a free lunch.
 TIA        Thanks in advance.
 TLDR       Too long, didn't read.
 TMTH       Too much to handle.
 TTFN       Ta, ta for now (goodbye).
 TTT        Thought that too.
 TTYL       Talk to you later.
 TTYS       Talk to you soon.
 TU         Thank you.
 TY         Thank you.

 UCMU       You crack me up.
 UDM        You da man.
 UOK        Are you OK?
 U2U        Up to you.
 URTM       You are the man.
 UTM        You tell me.

 VBS        Very big smile.

 WFM        Works for me.
 WTG        Way to go.
 WYHAM      When you have a minute.
 WWJD       What would Jesus do?
 WWNC       Will wonders never cease.

 XLNT       Excellent.
 XME        Excuse me.

 YGTBKM     You've got to be kidding me.
 YMMV       Your mileage may vary.
 YNK        You never know.
 YOLO       You only live once.
 YT         You there?
 YW         You're welcome.
 YWSYLS     You win some, you lose some.

 ZUP        What's up?
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Lulz is internet slang that can be interpreted as "laughs", "humour" or "amusement", and Sec refers to "security".
The duo's name is an Internet slang abbreviation for something that cannot be repeated in a family newspaper.
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When asked about the reason for naming the book, "Thawret El-LooooL," Elias said, "It plays of the internet slang abbreviation for 'laugh out loud' - everyone thought our generation was weak before [the Jan.
The 21 papers, selected from 124 submitted, discuss such topics as analyzing Internet slang for sentiment mining, the early detection of clinical parameters in heart disease by an improved decision tree algorithm, using energy consumption to evaluate routing protocols in static and dynamic ad-hoc networks, configurable and secure system architectures, authenticating remote passwords using linear equations and a smart card, a robust watermarking algorithm based on image normalization, using fringe maps for text line segmentation in printed or handwritten document images, and a mimetic collaborative filtering based recommender system.
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That film, about the unplanned pregnancy of a teenager, was praised for its pithy, unique dialogue and blend of internet slang.
While many adults feel that time spent online contributes only to bad grammar, Internet slang and less time outdoors, the study concludes that, among other things, youth are successfully developing important social and technical skills by going online.
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