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Regeneration of fertile , interspecific hybrids from protoplast fusions between Helianthus annuus L and wild Helianthus species.
All five enzyme systems were assayed in all five interspecific hybrids.
Apart from the fact that the observed variable (number of chiasmata) is discrete, and hence the possibility that the expected distribution would be binominal rather than normal, the assumption is certainly not always valid for interspecific hybrids.
In this article, we report the results of a genetic analysis of the interspecific hybrids produced by H.
Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay to be interspecific hybrids,
Meiotic behavior in interspecific hybrids between Brachiaria ruziziensis and Brachiaria brizantha (Poaceae).
Cytotaxonomy of some species and interspecific hybrids of Pennisetum (Poaceae, Poales).
You can grow interspecific hybrids in most of the same locations where plums and apricots grow.
Gemmae are important in forming and maintaining Huperzia populations and contribute to the commonness of interspecific hybrids, which lack viable spores (Wagner and Beitel, in Flora of North America.
Later, Bukasov (1966, 1978) proposed origins of Andean tetraploid landraces through interspecific hybridization between cultivated diploids and various diploid wild species with subsequent polyploidization of these interspecific hybrids.
Based on morphological characters, 32 species and about 40 interspecific hybrids involving 13 putative parental species are recognized in Japan (Iwatsuki, 1992).