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Since only larger intruders were used, it remained unclear whether the addition of a smaller or size-matched conspecific to a dominant-subordinate pair would be equally effective in destabilizing established social relationships.
However, the second group of intruders is still not engaged.
Indian BSF had claimed that they killed three suspected intruders near Wagah border.
Source at the protest field said that the intruders demanded the protest officials to use force against the government to get their demands implemented and to liberate Baghdad from the government; this caused clashes between the protestors and intruders forcing the protection force to fire shots in the air making the intruders flee.
Intruderology is the first and only system that fully implements emergency response best practices with four-phases of emergency management to combat violent intruders.
The team set up a "familiarisation test" to allow ants from one nest to encounter intruders from another.
DETECTIVES are questioning a householder on suspicion of murder after an intruder was stabbed to death at his home.
It is unknown if the intruders and victim knew each other, or what the motive for the attack might have been.
THE law needs changing so any intruders threatening violence should forfeit their rights once they enter someone's home illegally.
One of the intruders received a cut to his head in the struggle and one of the occupants received minor injuries.
Police said the intruders gained access to the house in Hilliard Close, off Sutherland Drive, through an unlocked door.
Buildings without a doorman face a frightening security risk because intruders will often "buzz up" to numerous apartments and request entry; residents regularly allow people into the building without the ability to verify their identity.