a river in Komi-Permiak National Okrug, Perm’ Oblast, RSFSR. A right-bank tributary of the Kama River. It flows into the Kama Reservoir, whose headwaters extend for 50 km up its course. Length, 257 km; basin area, 5,920 sq km. It arises in the Verkhnekama Upland and is fed chiefly by melting snow and groundwater. The average rate of flow at the village of Agishevo, 30 km from its mouth, is 29 cu m per sec. The In’va freezes over in the beginning of November and thaws in late April. Its major tributary is the Velva, which enters it from the left. The river is used to float logs and is navigable on its lower reaches. The city of Kudymkar is situated at its junction with the Kuvy River.

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raft construction shower facilities, inva toilet facilities, and door dimensioning for wheelchair users.
A lengthy encore included a surprise appearance from Dubai resident Inva Mula, an Albanian soprano who won an opera singing competition held by Domingo more than 20 years ago.
PREVIEW THE 5TH WAV W E (15) ADAPTED from Rick Yancey's young adult novel of the same name - the opening salvo of a trilogy - The 5th Wave is a science fiction thriller about a teenager caught up in an alien inva Cassie Sullivan (Chloe G Moretz) is a regular high school student, who lives with her parents Oliver (R Livingston) and Lisa (Mag Siff), and her younger brother Sammy (Zackary Arthur).
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aeruginosa; additionally one internal control gene invA of Salmonella was used.
Many people believe the Iron Lady was heartless for not shedding a tear over her policies of mass unemployment, the selling of our nationalised industries (which we are all paying for now), selling council houses with the instruction not to build any more, defence cuts that allowed the inva n sion of the Falklands, and making money the greatest sign of worth.
Following the Norman inva n sion, a motte and bailey castle was built on the top, originally built of timber and upcast soil, and being held by the de Laci family.
SeeNews) - Nov 12, 2012 - Brazilian brokerage house Inva Capital excluded local miner and steelmaker Companhia Siderurgica Nacional (SAO:CSNA3), or CSN, from its November 2012 recommended stock list.
The primer pair is based on the sequence of invA gene of Salmonella.
Past winners from Domingo's Operalia Competition also feature in the concert, including soprano Inva Mula, baritone Erwin Schrott and the 2010 victor, Bulgarian soprano Sonya Yoncheva.
Elaborate paintings and artworks by students from both RPTC and Inva academy were sold and Dh300,000 was raised.
Posteriormente, todas las cepas fueron sometidas a otro proceso de transformacion, con los productos amplificados con los iniciadores disenados para la mutagenesis: SPI1/invF-H1P1 y SPI1/invA-H2P2, SPI2/ssaI-H1P1 y SPI2/ ssaL-H2P2, los cuales amplifican el gen de resistencia a la Km del pKD4 y reconocen las secuencias externas flanqueantes de la region genica, invF - invA y ssaH/ssaI - ssaL, de los genes invG/invE de la SPI-1 y los genes ssaJ/ ssaK de la SPI-2, respectivamente.