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(also saccharase, (β-fructofuranosidase), an enzyme of the hydrolase class, contained in plants, microorganisms, and the digestive juices of animals. It catalyzes the splitting of the β-fructofuranose radical from oligosaccharides and polysaccharides, and it catalyzes the conversion of sucrose into glucose and fructose. The latter reaction is called inversion. The name “invertase” derives from the circumstance that the reaction is accompanied by a change in the sign of optical rotation, with D-sucrose converting to invert sugar, a mixture of L-glucose and L-fructose. Invertase is especially active in yeast, from which it is extracted in the form of refined enzyme preparations. It also effects the transfer of the fructofuranose radical in-certain cases.

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Because yeast use levels of glucose, not sucrose, as a way to control how much invertase is produced, colonies of purely enzyme-producing yeast make a lot of invertase and quickly burn through their food supply, ultimately limiting growth.
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Despite that immobilized enzymes have been used for large-scale industrial processes in the food industries such as invertase or glucose isomerase for production of fructose corn syrup (107 tons per annum) [2,3,42], great efforts have been done to use NBC in large scale industrial processes.
Soil enzymes in reaction to old field succession, amylase, invertase, cellulase, dehydrogenase and urease.
Previous studies demonstrated that fruits contained a variety of sugar- and acid-metabolizing enzymes including soluble acid invertase, sucrose synthase (SS) in the synthetic or cleavage direction, sucrose phosphate synthase (SPS) (HASHIZUME et al.
In this work optimization parameters for maximum production of invertase by Penicillium notatum IBGE 03 in submerged fermentation were studied.