Investigative Actions

Investigative Actions


in Soviet law, actions for the purpose of gathering and verifying evidence. Investigative actions are carried out by an investigator, an agency of inquiry, or a court under procedures set forth by law. They include interrogation, confrontation, the attachment and confiscation of correspondence, search, investigative viewing and the examination of real evidence, the presentation of persons and objects for identification, investigative experiment, and the attainment of samples for comparative study.

Investigative actions are regulated by law, which takes into account the special features of each type of evidence. As a general rule, investigative actions are carried out after the initiation of a criminal case, except for viewing the scene of the crime, which may be carried out prior to initiation. During inquiry and preliminary investigation, investigative actions are carried out by the agency that has jurisdiction over the case or that has been specially assigned to the case. Once a trial has begun, only the court hearing the case may carry out investigative actions. No one other than the investigator, the person making the inquiry, the procurator, and the court itself is legally empowered to carry out investigative actions.

Investigative actions carried out by the investigator, the person in charge of the inquiry, or the court should be distinguished from expert examinations and inspections, which are carried out by other persons by order of the court or investigator.

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More than 75,000 investigative actions were carried out, as part of which 5,000 people were questioned as injured persons or legal successors to legal entities, 6,000 people were questioned as witnesses, 18,236 people were recognized as plaintiffs, and more than 1,000 different examinations were carried out, he said.
But though investigative actions were for the most part sound, many learning points have emerged," said Anderson.
The SPO can be assessed in many different ways: the number of initiated pre-trial and investigative actions, the number of charges and indictments and improved indictments, the number of cases won in court but most importantly, its success, as an independent, isolated institution that had a difficult task in dealing with many powerful political structures.
As the Head of Government underlined, the document will determine proportional limits of actions of law enforcement structures during searches, will establish the responsibility of officials of law enforcement authorities for illegal activities during the conduct of investigative actions and other procedural measures, will impose the obligation of video recording investigations, define clear terms pretrial investigation and other procedural deadlines in criminal proceedings, etc.
The Bulgarian Embassy in Turkey was informed by a member of the Anti-terrorism department with the General Directorate of Security in Aydin that investigative actions have been held and it is still not clear yet whether charges will be pressed against the detained Bulgarians, or they will be released.
The necessary investigative actions concerning Ulyukayev are under way," the Investigative Committee's spokesperson said.
Successful ethical investigations also require proper supervision throughout the investigation, to make certain that any investigative actions are always the finest representations of your brand.
Consistent with its mission, Appeals should not perform compliance activities or undertake investigative actions or fact finding.
investigative actions to capture the remaining members of the group and to clarify all details of the case, the DHS statement says.
Nowadays we can speak of a strong tendency of fraud, misappropriation of European funds from the established destinations, a tendency which can be combated only through investigative actions carried out by EU prosecutors and investigators well trained, paid and equipped, no matter the countries where there are investigated the economic and financial crimes.
The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan today adopted the decree on disconnection of the system of technical devices of mobile operators for operational and investigative actions (Law Enforcement Support System).
Elizabeth Ames Jones, the third commissioner, also descried the EPA move as "premature," and denounced "false claims made against our investigative actions by the EPA staff.

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