Iordanka Nikolova

Nikolova, Iordanka


(party pseudonym, Katia). Born Jan. 8, 1911, in Evikeu, near Xanthi, Greece; died June 1, 1944, in Eleshnitsa, now Iordankino. Bulgarian revolutionary. From 1928, a member of the Workers’ Youth Union (WYU); from 1930, a member of the Bulgarian Communist Party.

During 1931–32, Nikolova was the secretary of the district committee of the WYU in Plovdiv. In 1932 she became a member of the central committee of the WYU. From 1937 to 1939 she was in prison. In 1939 she became a secretary of the central committee of the WYU and from 1942 was a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. Early in 1942 she was arrested and sent to a concentration camp but escaped in June of the same year. Nikolova became a partisan in 1944. While fighting near the village of Eleshnitsa, she fell into the hands of the fascists and was shot.