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(1) To transmit data to multiple recipients on the network at the same time using one transmission stream to the switches, at which point data are distributed out to the end users on separate lines.

Contrast with Unicast
A "unicast" is a separate transmission stream from source to destination for each recipient. When sending large volumes of data, multicast saves considerable bandwidth over unicast.

Contrast with Broadcast
A "broadcast" is a transmission to every node reachable on the network or subnet, rather than to a specific list of nodes as in a multicast. See IP multicast, IGMP and SRM.

(2) In digital television broadcasting, to send multiple standard TV (SDTV) programs in the allotted bandwidth, rather than one high-definition TV (HDTV) program.

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4IP broadcast: This is to deliver videos to set top boxes and digital television devices all together using IP multicasting technology.
With the new Data-casting and IP Multicasting capabilities service, clients can up link their existing content to a WorldSpace satellite where it is down linked to inexpensive transportable receivers containing small built- in 4-inch dish antennas.
However the Stinger(R) FS+ can perform IP multicasting internally which, together with very high port density and high bandwidth interfaces (GbE), provides a cost-effective and scalable network solution.
These broadcasts will showcase the ability of Multicast Technologies to offer improved content distribution with IP multicasting and MPEG 4 for interactive TV, movies and other content.
develops technologies for broadband satellite applications such as IP multicasting, content distribution and interactive Internet.
Along with the reference design kit, Sigma Designs also releases the industry's first WiMedia WiNET based software protocol stack with in-home networking capability featuring the IP Multicasting for point-to-multipoint A/V streaming.
The technical principles behind VoD are described, with special reference to IP multicasting, the need for extensive systems integration for all network elements, and the suitability for VoD and 'triple play' of the various access technologies: FttH, FttC, HFC, ADSL and WiMAX.
The value of integrating 2netFX and Helius products was very evident to corporate users, broadcasters, and other content providers attending a recent series of IP multicasting demonstrations hosted by GlobeCast, a leading transmissions provider.
International Datacasting Corporation (IDC) is a world-leading supplier of end-to-end solutions for superior IP multicasting of broadband multimedia content via satellite.
Nasdaq: HYPR), the premiere source for financial market data and data- delivery solutions, will use IP multicasting technology over Sprint's public Internet network to deliver HyperFeed 2000 consolidated datafeeds to the financial community.
Sigma will also be demonstrating the first-ever high definition IP Multicasting using ultra-wideband (UWB) over an extended range.
GlobeCast is the broadcast services unit of France Telecom (NYSE: FTE) and the world's largest provider of complete end-to-end transmission and production services for video, audio, business television, IP multicasting and Internet backbone.