iPod shuffle

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iPod shuffle

The smallest and most basic iPod, and the only one without a screen. Popular with runners and people on the go, the case clips directly onto a sleeve or pocket without an extra accessory. The 5th-generation shuffle, introduced in 2012, holds up to 480 songs in 2GB of flash memory. Since there is no screen, starting with the 4G shuffle, the VoiceOver feature speaks the names of songs, artists and playlists.

Long - Square - Long - Square
The shuffle keeps changing its shape. The first model looked like a pack of traditional chewing gum with a control pad similar to the original click wheel. Followed by a square case that was nothing more than the control pad, the 3rd-generation shuffle was again long and narrow, but the only controls were on the earbuds cord. The 4th-generation (2010) and 5th-generation (2012) shuffles returned to the square control pad style. See iPod and iPod models.

The shuffle Is the Smallest
The 4th-generation shuffle (left) is the most basic of Apple's media players (the 5G looks the same). The 4th-generation nano and touch are on the right. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)

It Used to Plug Right In
Apple's first shuffle looked like a thin pack of chewing gum and plugged directly into the USB port. In contrast, the 2nd-generation shuffle was square like the current model (see image above) and used a USB cable. The 3rd-generation was again chewing gum sized but with controls only on the earphones cord.