Irian Jaya

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Irian Jaya,

province, Indonesia: see PapuaPapua
or Irian Jaya
, province (2014 est pop. 3,486,000), 123,180 sq mi (319,036 sq km), Indonesia. Comprising most of the western half of New Guinea and a number of offshore islands, it is Indonesia's largest province; the extreme western peninsulas and offshore
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The court, however, confirmed the establishment of West Irian Jaya Province as it has been factually effective, including by the establishment of its local government, local legislative council through the 2004 legislative election and administrative apparatus.
Cases without antibody response would be most expected because of the heavily contaminated environment in Irian Jaya (3-6).
Indonesia's attachment to Irian Jaya is not just mystical, sentimental nationalism.
The plane took off from Central Irian Jaya provincial capital Timika at 10:25 a.
Jakarta has vowed not to let Irian Jaya go, fearing its independence could trigger the break up of the islands.
Theo van den Broek, a Franciscan Brother originally from Holland, has worked in Irian Jaya for twenty-four years.
Protests have been building in Irian Jaya, where a small group of separatist rebels operates.
PJP acquired 194 megawatts of power generation facilities in Irian Jaya from PTFI in 1994 and 1995.
Nineteen-day photo tour to Papua, New Guinea and Irian Jaya departs July 31.
A Foreign Office spokesman said: "Communications between Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, and Irian Jaya are poor.
The issues in Irian Jaya are difficult and complex," Moffett says in the ad.