Singer, Isaac Merrit

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Singer, Isaac Merrit,

1811–75, American inventor, b. Rensselaer co., N.Y. As a child he lived in Oswego, N.Y. He patented in 1851 a practical sewing machine that could do continuous stitching. Although he lost a suit for infringement brought by Elias Howe, his company was already so well established that it took the lead in a subsequent combination of manufactures and pooling of patents. Between 1851 and 1865 Singer patented 20 improvements, including the yielding presser foot and a continuous wheel feed.
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By the time he won the Nobel prize, in 1978, the man who now called himself Isaac Singer had been in the United States for forty-three years - well over half his lifetime.
At the same time that the figure of Isaac Singer was in its embryonic stages, Bashevis was writing in the Forverts under at least three names: Yitskhok Bashevis, Y.
During the 1950s and 1960s Bashevis was not yet Isaac Singer, the simple, old-fashioned sprite, but he was on his way.
1855: The sewing machine motor was patented by Isaac Singer.
Built about 1850 by Isaac Singer, they have a comfortable feel with an emphasis on excellent service now expected by the more discerning traveller.