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(organic chemistry)



isobutylene, the unsaturated hydrocarbon (CH3)2C=CH2, a colorless gas. Boiling point, — 6.9°C; density, 0.6266 g/cm3 (at -6.6°C); Isobutene 1.3814. Isobutene is made industrially by dehydrogenating isobutane over oxide catalysts (forexample, Cr203 on A1203) at 500°-600°C or by dehydrating isobutyl alcohol. The ability of isobutene to polymerize and copolymerize is used in industry in making polyisobutene and butyl rubber. Isobutene is also used to alkylate aromatic compounds and isobutane in making isooctane.

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The IR and Raman spectra of isobutene and [isobutene-d.
Isobutene is one of the key petrochemical building blocks.
Session 1 on Bio-Polyolefins will include the following presentations: "Sugarcane based polyolefins: Biopolymers reaching the wide concept of sustainability," Fabio Magalhaes Cameiro, Braskem, Brazil; "The cellulosic sugar platform enabling bio-based chemicals and polymers," Dario Geordano, M&G Group, Italy; and "Propylene, isobutene, butadiene and other light olefins from renewable resources," Thomas Buhl, Global Bioenergies, France.
A 110,000 tonnes isobutene plant has been started up at Evonik Industries' site at Antwerp in Belgium.
EVRY, France, October 6, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Bioenergies, located on the Genopole campus at Evry (France), announces the first prototype of its manufacturing process for the biological production of isobutene.
According to the United States Fire Administration National Fire Data Center the explosion was caused by the failure of a I 0-inch line carrying ethylene and/or isobutene.
The second is dominated by isobutene (offscale at [10.
For the MTBE system, a slight excess of methanol is fed on Tray 9 and fresh isobutene is fed on Tray 10.
Donor monomers include styrene, propylene, vinyl acetate, butadiene, indene, propylene, ethylene, isobutene, and hexene.
The fatty acids are esterified with isobutene and isobutene is also used to etherify glycerol.
In batch service, the pipeline will be able to transport refinery and chemical grade propylene, mixed NGLs and NGL products; ethane, propane, normal butane, isobutene and natural gasoline.