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Dutch painters.

Jozef Israëls Born Jan. 27, 1824, in Groningen; died Aug. 12, 1911, in The Hague.

J. IsraËls studied in Amsterdam and Paris and lived in The Hague after 1871. He was the leader of the realistic Hague School. His pictures dealt primarily with the life of fisherfolk and peasants and were full of a profound sympathy for the individuals; they were often dramatic in mood (Alone in the World, 1876, State Museum, Amsterdam). The dark coloring and contrasting chiaroscuro of his early period gave way to a lighter range in the 1890’s and 1900’s; his brushwork became freer and broader (Potato Eaters, 1903, private collection, Amsterdam).

Isaäc Israëls. Born Feb. 3, 1865, in Amsterdam; died Oct. 7, 1934, in The Hague. Son of J. Israels.

I. Israels was influenced by French impressionism. He painted portraits and scenes of city life and depicted the common people —women workers, soldiers, and sailors.


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