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(Information Systems Security Association, Bellingham, WA, A membership organization that promotes effective management practices for computer security. Founded in 1982, ISSA has chapters in more than 20 countries and hosts an annual conference.



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According to ISSA, traditionally, health-protection programs focused squarely on safety and reducing worker exposure to risk factors arising in the work environment.
This will include certification needs of cleaning operatives, supervisory staff, as well as the CIMS certification programme which is jointly supported by ISSA and BICSc Business Services (BBS).
Twice each year an exemplary group of longstanding ISSA members are recognized in three categories: Senior Members, Fellows and Distinguished Fellows.
Those wishing to phone in nominations can call Caldwell on 086 265 3455 or the ISSA offices on 045 432 911.
The new appointment underlines the high importance which ISSA attaches to expanding the services to its members in Poland--as well as the growth potential that currently exists throughout Central and Eastern Europe.
Editorial will include articles written by ISSA board members and related professionals and suppliers "who have a special expertise," ISSA said, and will cover such topics as new security developments, training opportunities and industry and association news.
The annual ISSA Innovation Award program provides the cleaning industry the opportunity to determine the industry's most innovative products and services.
Barrett has served as an ISSA board member for the past six years, with the last three as an officer, serving this year as treasurer.
ISSA is the only independent organization and community of choice for nearly 10,000 cybersecurity professionals with over 150 chapters worldwide.
The new standard derives from the former ISSA Clean Standard: K-12, issued in October 2013, which provides a protocol for assessing cleaning effectiveness in schools.
Each year outstanding individuals, chapters, and organizations are selected in seven categories by the ISSA Awards Committee, comprised largely of past recipients.
His past experience with ISSA includes serving as manufacturer director on the board of directors (2008-2010) as well as in an advisory capacity to several ISSA and Young Executives Society (YES) committees and roundtable discussion groups.