István Nagy

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Nagy, István


Born Nov. 23, 1904, in Cluj, Rumania. Rumanian writer. Writes in Hungarian. Corresponding member of the Academy of the Socialist Republic of Rumania (1955).

A carpenter by occupation, Nagy joined the labor movement in 1931 and became a Communist. His early novels There Is No Barrier (1933), The Grandchildren of the Man From Oltenia (1941), and Suburb (1942) depict the different ways in which people attain socialist consciousness. His most significant novel of the postwar period, At the Point of Greatest Tension (1951), deals with the nationalization of industry in Rumania. Nagy has also written books for young people, including Toward the Forest Camp (1961) and The Dungeon in the Fortress (1967). He has received the State Prize of the Socialist Republic of Rumania.


In Russian translation: [“Novelly.”] In Novella sovremennoi Rumynii. Moscow, 1962.


Micu, D., and N. Manolescu. Literatura romǎnâ de azi. Bucharest, 1965.
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