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a small variety of vegetable marrow, cooked and eaten as a vegetable


1. a canton of N central Switzerland: the smallest Swiss canton; mainly German-speaking and Roman Catholic; joined the Swiss Confederation in 1352. Capital: Zug. Pop.: 102 200 (2002 est.). Area: 239 sq. km (92 sq. miles)
2. a town in N central Switzerland, the capital of Zug canton, on Lake Zug. Pop.: 22 973 (2000)
3. Lake. a lake in N central Switzerland, in Zug and Schwyz cantons. Area: 39 sq. km (15 sq. miles)
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Has: Italian squash (biggest and sweetest), spaghetti squash, luffa sponge, mimosa tree, seeds my grandmother brought to America from Czechoslavakia at age 16
Thursday: Juice, spaghetti w/meatballs, Italian squash, tossed salad, cheesecake.

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