Ivan Asen

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Ivan Asen:

see Ivan IIIvan II
or Ivan Asen
, d. 1241, czar of Bulgaria (1218–41). On the death (1207) of his father, Kaloyan, founder of the second Bulgarian empire, the throne was usurped by Ivan's cousin Boril.
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, czar of Bulgaria.
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They also want compensations for the Rozhen Monastery, built by Tsar Ivan Asen II (r.
On his part, Borisov gave Kosor a copy of the document, which the Bulgarian Tsar Ivan Asen II gave to traders from Dubrovnik in 1230.
In 1194, Bulgarian Tsar Ivan Asen I ordered the remains to be moved to his capital, Veliko Tarnovo.
the plan of the village Blatska, Municipality Hadjidimovo "Lot 2: %repair street from Rakip Agushevi - Philip Tsakov - Nightingale Topalov plan of the village of Beslan Municipality Hadjidimovo "; Lot 3:" Improvement of road from HCP HCP 23 to 24, the plan of the village of Sadovo, Municipality Hadjidimovo "; Lot 4:" Improvement Street Tsar Ivan Asen II, the plan of the city Hadjidimovo.
Contractor address : Asenovgrad Tsar Ivan Asen II, bl.
Nearby, Le Petit Salon (1 Tsar Ivan Asen II; 359-88-920-0558 or 359-88-564-4170; lepetitsalon.