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Open sourcing J2SE would potentially help in the delivery of bug fixes for Sun's Technology Compatibility Kits, Dietzen said.
Along with the J2SE (some of the J2EE technologies are actually a part of the Java 2, Standard Edition), J2EE allows for the most complex of multitier software applications to be portable across multiple platforms.
With the introduction of a J2SE technology port to AMD Opteron for 64-bit computing, companies running Java applications on 32-bit processors will experience little to no changes in their applications when they upgrade to a 64-bit Opteron processor-based platform.
CocoBase(R) Enterprise O/R, Optimized for J2EE, J2SE and J2ME Customer Success, solves the Object to Relational impedance mismatch.
Performance, traditionally a weak area for J2SE, is tackled with 1.
The latest version of J2SE will offer a range of enhancements, including XML in the core platform to enable interoperable web applications and services, accelerated Java 2D graphics, support for 64-bit architecture and improved availability, reliability and security.
Furthermore, the company claims it can cut total cost of ownership (TCO) in desktops, for example, by delivering a secure desktop through use of Java Card authentication and J2SE, protecting against worms that have attacked Windows-based systems.
Net Visual Studio, SQL Server and Java, J2EE and J2SE projects that use Weblogic Server and Workshop for the development environment, and create and modify Web services with SOAP and WSDL standards.
Eight minibooks comprising nearly 900 pages give developers the tips and techniques they need to get up and running on the new J2SE 6 (Java Standard Edition 6) and JDK 6 (Java Development Kit 6).
The new GUI application is available in a web-based applet hosted by the DS200 device, or via a stand alone multi-platform J2SE Java client.
NET with J2SE or J2EE, and supports all the leading J2EE application servers.
FKI Logistex chose to write the BOSS HMI in J2SE Java for the language's safety, security, reusability, and scalability.