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Boots have a private Winter Flu Jab Service at pharmacies for PS12.
IF you're aged 65 or over, having a free NHS flu jab every year is vital for protecting yourself from the risk of serious illness.
Each year the virus changes, so even if you had a flu jab last year you will need one this year to protect you from this winter's virus.
They came over with the shirts on their backs and were sharecroppers," jabs said.
I have also had flu (when I missed out on a jab one year) and I felt very much worse.
com/poolecho Failure to get both jabs leaves children vulnerable when outbreaks occur.
In Newcastle, 90% of children aged two to 15 received their first MMR jab and 81% received their second.
GET a flu jab or it could kill you, is the stark message delivered by the director of public health at the launch of the winter vaccination campaign.
Those in vulnerable groups are entitled to free flu jabs from their GP.
Practice nurse Sister Ann Icke said because of the large number of people eligible for flu jabs, the practice arranged to give the flu jabs at a more convenient location.
But if two jabs are being given, it is recommended that they are given in different arms.