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JATO (jet-assisted takeoff)

A system of small rocket engines providing auxiliary thrust on takeoff. The rockets are jettisoned in a safe area after use. Also called RATO (rocket-assisted takeoff).
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The JATAS team felt that a single government team working to ensure its direction would not result in technical leveling, but would provide better and more balanced leadership than two government teams with strict firewalls.
JATAS chose to have both teams continue on risk-reduction efforts.
As the next generation threat warning system, the JATAS is initially planned for integration onto the MV-22B, MH-60R, MH-60S, AH-1Z, and UH-1Y platforms.
Other members of the JATAS industry team include DRS and Goodrich.
Building on more than two decades of experience in infrared missile warning development and production, Lockheed Martin is providing an affordable, one-system solution for the JATAS program that will help aircraft pilots and aircrews defend against a myriad of threats including hostile fire from the ground, surface-to-air missiles, man-portable air defense systems and laser guided threats.
Key requirements for JATAS include a modular open-system architecture for plug-and-play capability and rapid technology upgrade, improved performance in varying clutter environments with minimal false alarms, as well as the ability to provide an upgraded sensor suite under the very limited size, weight, power and cooling requirements needed to preserve the aircraft's core mission load carrying capability.