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Ion implantation of n-type impurities into semi-insulating GaAs is used to fabricate depletion-mode and enhancement-mode GaAs JFETs and MESFETs.
We are proud to be the first company to be able to offer such a product our customers will be able to realize enormous benefits by designing in these class-leading 650 V JFETs.
Power Integrations (Nasdaq: POWI), the leader in high-voltage integrated circuits for energy-efficient power conversion, today announced an agreement with SemiSouth Laboratories to act as a sales representative for SemiSouth's innovative range of silicon carbide (SiC) diodes and JFETs worldwide with the exception of Europe.
Unfortunately, this modification also results in a lower current due to the pinch-off effect of the inherent p-body JFET.
Some major contributors to the development of SiC technology (Infineon, SiCED -- both German companies) have already developed working models of JFET and "IGBT-like" switches made from hybrids of SiC/Si cascades and MOSFET transistors.
Compared to conventional SiC JFET for power applications, the prices for these audio parts has been reduced by about 15% in order to meet the demand of customers"
SemiSouth SiC Diodes and JFET Chosen by Vincotech to Enhance Performance of Latest Power Modules (Photo: Business Wire)
This is their sixth product offering of their trench SiC JFET family, which was first released in 2008.
The acquisition provides Fairchild with bipolar SiC transistor technology with demonstrated industry leading efficiencies and excellent performance over wide temperature ranges, and superior performance over MOSFET and JFET technology approaches.
Integrating a 500V JFET, the FAN302HL allows the device to cut off the current path after the device is turned on, reducing start-up losses.