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The NIA and other project proponents claimed that the JRMP II would generate at least 17,000 jobs during construction and provide Iloilo province with stable supplies of water and electricity.
When pressed by reporters on how the estimated cost for the two drones was reached, Jonel Borres, manager of the JRMP II engineering division, said the cost was based on prices from four suppliers.
In Iloilo, the JRMP II seeks to develop and enhance year-round irrigation systems to 32,000 hectares of farmlands, generate hydroelectric power and provide domestic and industrial water supply.
Set to start on February next year, the JRMP II is funded by a $203-million loan extended by the South Korean government through its Export-Import Bank's Economic Cooperation Fund, with a counterpart fund from the Philippine government amounting to P2.
The JRMP II is the second of a two-stage project aimed at tapping the current of the Jalaur River, one of the major rivers of Panay.
JRMP 2 is touted as the first large-scale reservoir dam outside Luzon, intended to provide year-round irrigation to 31,840 hectares of rice farms, 6.
Based on the DBM List of DAP-Identified Projects as of July 14, 2014, the fund allocation for JRMP II will cover the first-year requirement for the Philippine government counterpart to finance the investment requirement including the engineering design and other initial works for the project.
The President stressed that the JRMP II is a worthwhile projectA based on studies not only of the Philippine government but also that of South Korea.
The JRMP II is the last of a two-stage project aimed at tapping water for multiple uses from the Jalaur, one of the major rivers of Panay.
Under the JRMP 2, the irrigation system will be expanded to cover 31,000 hectares and additional electricity will be produced through the construction of a 6.
Five hectares of Lozada's 10ha property in Alibunan will be caught in the frenzy of activities to construct the catch dam, a component of JRMP II.