John Byron

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Byron, John


Born Nov. 8, 1723, in Nottinghamshire; died Apr. 10, 1786, in London. English navigator and commodore.

From 1740 to 1744, Byron took part in G. Anson’s voyage around the world. In 1764 he set out on a search for the Solomon Islands and for new lands in the Pacific Ocean, and he discovered several islands of the Tuamotu, Tokelau and Gilbert groups. The strait between New Ireland Island and Lavongai Island, as well as one of the Gilbert Islands (Byron Island or Nikunau), is named after John Byron.

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Located just off the A55 Expressway, on the north west coastline of North Wales a beach pebble's throw from the towns of Dyserth, Prestatyn and Rhyl with views of the ocean, the Resort is now being run by Peter Metcalf, Jack Byron and their families - all of whom have great plans to transform the place and to maximise its potential for residents and local people alike.
Jack Byron, whose father Rob owns Newcastle second-hand music emporium Steel-Wheels, has opened a vintage fashion shop which combines his love of clothes and music.
Groomsmen were Christopher Lee Kelly, brother of the groom, of Dothan, Alabama; Jason Robert Brogden of Dothan, Alabama; Sidney Harrison Clark of Birmingham, Alabama; Bradley Wise Dunning of Jacksonville, Florida; Patrick Douglas Jones of Atlanta, Georgia; and Jack Byron Shehee of Washington, D.
But unfortunately for Dr Jack Byron (Matthew Marsden) assistant plucky Samantha Rogers (KaDee Strickland), Bill Johnson (Johnny Messner) and the rest of the boffins, they didn't know about the ruthless predator that keeps the secret of the orchids safe.
A sequel in name - and snake - only to the 1997 B movie hit that made movie stars of Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson and Ice Cube, it features Marsden as Jack Byron, scientist and team leader on a quest into the Borneo jungles to find a rare plant that's essentially a modern day fountain of youth.
I've mainly been asked to read for the hero, so when they asked if I was interested in doing Jack Byron, I thought, yeh, I'd love to do that.
His father was Mad Jack Byron and the uncle from whom he inherited his title was known as the Devil Byron so he had a lot to live up to.
Lemhouse - Jack Byron Lemhouse, 88, of Cheshire, died March 8.
You can go to neighborhoods of the city that really need help, and if we break up, they're not going to get it,'' said Jack Byron of Northridge.