Jack Lousma

Lousma, Jack


Born Feb. 29, 1936, in Grand Rapids, Mich. US astronaut; major in the US Marines.

Lousma graduated from the University of Michigan in 1959 with a bachelor’s of science degree in aircraft design. Beginning in 1959 he served as a marine aviator. He received a diploma in aviation engineering in 1965 upon graduation from an advanced naval training school. In 1966 he joined the group of astronauts of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the USA.

As a member of the second crew of the orbital station Skylab, which was launched May 14, 1973, he made one space flight from July 28 to Sept. 26, 1973, with A. Bean and O. Garriott. He spent 59 days 11 hr 9 min in space and completed two space walks totaling 11 hr 2 min.

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Along with Aldrin, the list of participating astronauts includes moonwalkers Alan Bean , Gene Cernan , Charlie Duke , Edgar Mitchell and David Scott , as well as Dan Brandenstein , Scott Carpenter , Mary Cleave , Walt Cunningham , Ed Gibson , Dick Gordon , Fred Haise , Tom Jones , Jack Lousma , Bruce McCandless , Mike McCulley , Mike Mullane , Bill Pogue , Bob Springer , Thomas Stafford and Al Worden .
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