Jackson, Robert

Jackson, Robert (Houghwout)

(1892–1954) Supreme Court justice; born in Spring Creek, Pa. He served as counsel to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (1934–36) and to the Department of Justice (1936–40). He was U.S. attorney general (1940–41) when President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed him to the U.S. Supreme Court (1941–54). After World War II, he served as chief prosecutor at the Nuremberg war crimes trials (1945–46).
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Dunlap and ARS colleagues Mark Jackson, Robert Behle, and Maureen Wright originally developed the foam as a way to pump fungal spores deep into the galleries of Formosan subterranean termites, which can nest inside trees.
At Golcar Liberal - (Yorkshire names first): Shane Wainwright (Rothwell) v Adam Jones, Jack Chesswas (Brockholes) v Thomas Marsland, Danny Teale (Kirkheaton Con) v Jack Wareing, Oliver Fox (Kirkheaton Con) v Anton Haigh, Chloe Gaffer (Newsome WMC) v Andrew Peace, Harry Lumb (Kirkheaton Con) v Ryan Pendlebury, Thomas Gledhill (Kirkheaton Con) v Josh Talbot, Ashton Allert (Almondbury Lib) v Joe Wiltshire, Finley Hickey (Lower Hopton) v Harry Slack, Nathan Haigh (Meltham, capt) v Natasha Jackson, Robert Wainwright (Rothwell) v Matthew Payne, Rhys Beaumont (Broad Oak) v Jack Hill.
GCAW's goals came courtesy of Rhys Oats, Daniel Jackson, Robert A'Hearne and an own goal, while Arriva struck through Scott Chappell (2), Dean Radford and Liam Williams.
Geneva Williams, Cheryl Richardson, Hiram Jackson, Robert Chavis, Andrew G.
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THE 51ST STATE (18) Stars: Samuel L Jackson, Robert Carlyle, Meatloaf ELMO McElroy (Jackson) is a streetwise American chemist who heads to England to unleash his new designer drug on the European market.
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