Jacob's ladder

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Jacob's ladder:

see phloxphlox,
common name for plants of the genus Phlox and for members of the Polemoniaceae, a family of herbs (and some shrubs and vines) found chiefly in the W United States.
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Jacob's ladder

[¦jā·kəbz ¦lad·ər]
(naval architecture)
A portable ladder, having rope, chain, or wire sides, and wooden or iron rungs, slung over the ship's side for temporary use. Also known as jack ladder.

Jacob's Ladder

May (Main Festival), December (Winter Weekend Festival)
Jacob's Ladder Folk Festival takes place every year over three days in May in Israel at Nof Ginosar on Lake Kinneret. Founded in 1978, the festival is a lively musical and social event that showcases a wide range of folk-music styles, from bluegrass to country rock, from world music to blues, Renaissance, and Irish fiddle music. In 2004, the organizers added an annual indoor festival that takes place over a winter weekend in a hotel in Nof Ginosar. Both events offer, in addition to music, such additional activities as storytelling, dancing, juggling, yoga, tai chi, tractor and trailer tours, swimming, arts and crafts, food booths, and children's shows. Festival-goers in May can camp on-site.
The festival was founded by three members of Kibbutz Machanayim who had settled in Israel from England and the United States in the 1960s. The festival grew out of a monthly folk club that kibbutz members launched in order to perform and listen to the folk and protest songs they had known in their home countries. About 700 fans attended the first festival, held on the grounds of the kibbutz. After numerous moves and significant growth, the festival now draws prominent musicians from Israel and around the world.
Jacob's Ladder Festival
Mishol Nimron 2
Katzrin 12900 Israel
Israel Tourist Office
800 2nd Ave.
New York, NY 10017
888-774-7723 or 212-499-5600; fax: 212-499-5645
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But pilots must also be physically fit to scamper up and down those Jacob's Ladders.
Margaret Mitchell's estate handpicked Donald McCaig (below), author of Jacob's Ladder, to craft the Gone With the Wind story from a male perspective--specifically that of Rhett Kershaw Butler.
Blending country, New Orleans jazz and campfire Americana, the Boss rattles through the likes of Old Dan Tucker, O Mary Don't You Weep, Jesse James and Jacob's Ladder.
The stairs-shaped bottle with the story of Napoleon, the island of St Helena, and its 700-step Jacob's Ladder, will allow more than one landlord the opportunity for wild stories during late-night drinking sessions.
The flower of the Jacob's Ladder orchid has reached 3ft.
This pocket of biodiversity is home to 43 species of animals and plants classified by Maryland as rare or endangered, and five considered rare worldwide, including the southern water shrew, mountain earth snake, and the plant Jacob's ladder.
Cross carefully to a hedge gap next to a traffic sign and enter the spinney to follow the trail for almost half a mile to reach the stone steps with a handrail on your right called Jacob's Ladder.
The angels ascending and descending Jacob's ladder make for a meaningful self-guided meditation.
He has played roles in several popular television series, including Jacob's Ladder, Nuts and Bolts, The Bench and Outside the Rules.
That same day, I gave my commentary on the scriptural story of Jacob's ladder, making a connection to women's spiritual leadership.
The extracts chosen from Rudolf cover the Creation, the Fall, and the Wonders of India, those from the Christherrechronik Jacob's Ladder, Jacob's Wedding, and Jacob's Children, whereas the passages from Enikel cover Job, the section on corrupt popes, Saladin's Table, and the story of Emperor Frederick II.
The idea of an altered mental state forced on a citizen against his or her will haunts our culture; the popularity of novels like 1984 and Brave New World, not to mention films like Jacob's Ladder and The Matrix, testify to this recurrent fear.