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Human Capital Effects of Anti-Poverty Programs: Evidence from a Randomized Housing Voucher Lottery," by Brian Jacob, Max Kapustin, and Jens Ludwig.
In this study, Brian Jacob, Max Kapustin, andjens Ludwig use the 1997 housing voucher lottery in Chicago (the first opening of voucher lists in the city in 12 years).
He is survived by his children, Shirley, wife of Philip Katz of Worcester, Samuel and his wife, Marsha of Newton, Michael and his wife Merle of Newton and Morris (Moe) and his wife Wendy of Worcester; and twelve grandchildren, Sheri (Scott), Josh (Katie), Jenna (Joe), Rebekah, Jacob, Max, Sarah, Micah, Faith, Victoria, Abbie and Hanna; and a great-grandchild, Alexander.