(both: jāhā`zə), or


(jä`zə), in the Bible, unidentified town, E of the Dead Sea. Israel's defeat there of the Amorites is recorded on the Moabite stone.
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Falih Jahaz Head of Physical Education department Assistant Prof.
Suzuki routes will now cover the distance of Raja Bazaar, Garden college, Liaqat Bagh, Committee chowk, Dhok Khabba, PAF cinema, Rawal road, Chandni chowk, Sadiq Abad chowk and Raja Bazaar, Garden college, Liaqat Bagh, Committee chowk, Dhok Khabba, Rawal road, Chandni chowk, Sadiq Abad, Chungi No 8 Muslim town, Jahaz Ground, Khanna Pull, Khanna Dak, Tarlai, Ali Pur Farash and Jhangi Syedan.
Jahaz Nealy, 22, of Pentrebane Street, Cardiff, pleaded guilty to using threatening and insulting behaviour and was fined PS140.
We wander through the Jahaz Mahal complex, stop at the Jama Mazjid and drive down a bit to Rani Roopmati's Pavilion.
Jahaz Chronicles II" is the second science fiction novel from James Templar as he reveals the second chapter about Tag and Jahaz, or what we know as Earth and Venus.
On Monday thousands of people gathered at Jahaz Chowk and gave sit-in and chanted slogans against government.
Horticulture department has started preparing feasibility report to provide necessary facilities in the 9 parks including Rizwan Park (Lane No 1 Peshawar road), Jahaz Park (Westridge), Nagi park (Nagi road Westridge), Sikandar Shaheed park (Nasir road Westridge), Roomi park (Main Peshawar road Roomi Lane), Shah Bilot park (near cantt board office), Children Family park (Gawalmandi), children park (R.
Cardiff Crown Court had heard Griffiths had been so upset when she heard about Jahaz Nealy's new relationship after they split up, that she harassed him with texts before going round to his flat.
Why: For its cluster of monuments: the most celebrated structure here is the Jahaz Mahal, closely followed by Hindola Mahal (which gives the illusion that the building is swaying), Champa Baoli, Jal Mahal and Nahar Jharoka.