(both: jāhā`zə), or


(jä`zə), in the Bible, unidentified town, E of the Dead Sea. Israel's defeat there of the Amorites is recorded on the Moabite stone.
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The former presidential candidate tumbled not once, but twice as walked down stairs during her visit to the ancient fort of Jahaz Mahal in India's central Mandu city, according to the Daily Mail.
Clinton also visited the Jahaz Mahal in Mandu city of Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh on Monday.
Clinton was on her way out of Jahaz Mahal, built during the rule of Mandu Sultan Ghiyas-ud-din Khilji, when she slipped after she lost her balance despite an aide helping her down.
Proud Grand-mother to Phillip, Sarah, Matthew, Paul, Nadine, Nathan, Jodie, Jahaz and the late Natasha and Gemma.
6 million, Talagang road to Jahaz Chowk with Rs 99.
Tenders are invited for Providing and fixing of precast interlocking block from panna jahaz to pragati aashram.
Sehwan Sharif A-5 incharge ASI Niaz Hussain was going in the police mobile when unidentified persons opened fire at the police mobile on Jahaz Chowk in Sehwan Sharif on Tuesday, leaving him fatally injured.
But Sihon trusted not Israel to pass through his border; but Sihon gathered all his people together, and pitched in Jahaz, and fought against Israel.
Falih Jahaz Head of Physical Education department Assistant Prof.
Going down memory lane, Mann touched a chord; "Jis jahaz ka dar ma deti thi, usi ki sawari kar raha tha" he said.
We wander through the Jahaz Mahal complex, stop at the Jama Mazjid and drive down a bit to Rani Roopmati's Pavilion.
Jahaz Chronicles II" is the second science fiction novel from James Templar as he reveals the second chapter about Tag and Jahaz, or what we know as Earth and Venus.