Jamaica Bay

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Jamaica Bay,

c.20 sq mi (50 sq km), SW Long Island, SE N.Y., separated from the Atlantic Ocean by Rockaway Peninsula; the Rockaway Inlet links it to the sea. The shallow bay has many islands, and its shores are generally marshy. There is a minimum of water movement, and pollution is a problem. Nearly all of the bay is in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens in New York City; since 1950 much of the adjacent area has been reclaimed for housing. John F. Kennedy International Airport extends into the bay. Part of Gateway National Recreation Area, the bay is used for boating and fishing and is a wildlife refuge.
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But this congested landing strip sits adjacent to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, a stopover along a heavily traveled air lane of a different type: the Atlantic Flyway.
For romance with the sky over your head and the earth beneath your feet, try The Battery Park Promenade, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park (particularly the Wollman Ice Rink), the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens and The Botanical Gardens in the Bronx, Brooklyn or Queens.

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