see YambolYambol
or Jambol
, city (1993 pop. 91,119), SE Bulgaria. It is a commercial center and produces textiles, machinery, ceramics, and furniture. There are mineral springs nearby. The city was known in Roman times.
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, Bulgaria.
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I headed back down the hill from the temple and continued on Jalan Mat Jambol to Kent Ridge Park, where I often caught sight of the brilliant blue flash of kingfishers, and the fleeting green and yellow of the long-tailed broadbill.
Roxlor's newest weight management ingredient is called JamboLean, which is a proprietary extract of the Jambol Tree (native to Eastern India) and is geared toward weight loss and blood sugar control.
It comprises an illustrated family history of Pehin Datu Panglima Haji Abu Bakar bin Jambol and his wife, Hajjah Salehah binti Haji Othman, both deceased, and their descendants (BBSO Su.