James Crichton

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Crichton, James

(krī`tən), 1560?–1583?, Scottish adventurer and scholar, called the Admirable Crichton. A graduate of the Univ. of St. Andrews, he spent some time in France, possibly in military service. By 1579 he was in Italy, where he attracted attention by his scholarly accomplishments and personal charm. Reputedly he spoke 12 languages and displayed amazing erudition and powers of memory in public disputations. He entered the service of a Mantuan nobleman as tutor to his son and was slain by his charge in a street brawl. His fame is due to the extravagant praise given him by Aldus Manutius (grandson of the famous printer of the same name) and by his 17th-century biographer, Sir Thomas Urquhart.
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When they needed to score 74 they were indebted to James Crichton who found the boundary line on five occasions in carrying his bat for 38.
Horticultural expert James Crichton confirmed the discovery is extremely rare.
James Crichton, regional director at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, explains the reasons why and how his brand is driving momentum in the super-luxury category of the region's automotive sector.
Leading the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Middle East operation is James Crichton, Regional Director, who was appointed earlier this year.
Several men were arrested including Henderson - after his servant and ploughman James Crichton, 44, accused him of the murder.
James Crichton, sales and marketing director, BMW Group Middle East, said: "The BMW 7 Series embodies all the qualities associated with premium vehicles such as power, performance and luxury, and is a class leader in emission reductions and automotive technologies.
The new BMW 7 Series represents the best of automotive engineering and technology," stated James Crichton, director sales & marketing, BMW Group Middle East.
Mr James Crichton of Loughrigg sold the top priced Belgian Blue cross bullock for 133.
Rolls-Royce regional director for Mena James Crichton told Gulf News that sales of the new Phantom model, launched at the end of 2009, are up 100 per cent in Saudi Arabia year-on-year.
This is a clear sign of the unparalleled appeal of Rolls-Royce, in particular following the challenging economic environment in 2009," said James Crichton, who was recently appointed Regional Director for the Middle East.
We continue to work closely with our importers and the results have helped us to not only achieve growth in several markets, but also increase our market share by three per cent from our two main competitors," said James Crichton, Sales & Marketing Director, BMW Group Middle East.
James Crichton, above, sales and marketing director, BMW Group Middle East said: "BMW Premium Selection operates as a sub-brand within BMW Group which must follow set criteria including: