Dean Festival

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Dean (James) Festival

James Dean (1931–1955), the legendary film actor and star of Rebel Without a Cause, remains the subject of adulation even decades after his early death in an automobile accident. The star's hometown of Fairmount, Ind., contributes to the ongoing tribute by dedicating an annual four-day festival to the icon.
The festival's origins date back to 1975, the same year the Fairmount Historical Museum was founded. Several notables from the town have their own displays, but the main exhibit pays homage to James Dean. During the event, which is officially called Museum Days/Remembering James Dean, thousands of fans survey Dean memorabilia and his personal items.
Additional events take place at locations throughout the town. There are free showings of the star's most celebrated films, a James Dean look-alike contest, fashion shows, and a trivia contest. Another tradition, the James Dean Car Show, has existed since 1980.
Fairmount Historical Museum
203 E. Washington St.
Fairmount, IN 469258
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The marker's restoration puts it back in place in time for the James Dean Festival in late September.
com, or plan to see Mile Marker 24 in June at the James Dean Festival in Marion, Indiana, and Key West at ChickenFest 2005.