James Fintan Lalor

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Lalor, James Fintan


Born circa 1807 in Tinakill; died Dec. 27, 1849, in Dublin. Figure in the Irish national movement.

In 1847, Lalor aligned himself with the left wing of the Young Ireland society. He came out for the nationalization of the landlords’ property, sharing utopian views on nationalization of the land as the panacea for all social evils. Together with J. Mitchell he advanced the idea of a popular uprising against British colonial domination and the creation of an independent Irish republic. On the eve of the 1848 revolt he was arrested.

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O'Brien's first active participation in revolutionary affairs was in 1849 when he became involved with the "conspiracy" led by James Fintan Lalor.
The most forceful and influential statement of the view that the land of Ireland belonged to the people who tilled it, not to an alien landlord class, was made by James Fintan Lalor, whose writings and participation in the `rising' of 1848 provided inspiration for many subsequent agrarian radicals.
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