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James Naismith, the physical education instructor who invented the game of basketball, was born in Ontario, Canada.
James Naismith was wooing the chapter housemother, who would become his wife a few months before his death two years later at 78.
The charity chose basketball as the sport with which to raise awareness of their work as the game was invented by Dr James Naismith at a YMCA in Massachusetts in 1891.
Kellogg tells his players that he grew up half an hour from Amherst in Springfield, where James Naismith invented basketball, and that he played in the NCAAs in each of his four years as a Minuteman guard and reached the Elite Eight as a senior in 1995.
James Naismith, its originator was an ordained minister and taught at the Springfield MA, YMCA.
With James Naismith, the man who invented basketball in 1891, watching from the stands, the Tall Firs won, 46-33, and 6-foot, 4-inch John Dick led all scorers with 13 points.
The two typescript pages, which set out the 13 rules that were drawn up by the sport's Canadian founder James Naismith, were signed in 1891.
But less than a mile along, his car crashed through the ice, and Nisbet, passenger James Naismith, 22, and James's West Highland terrier Jimmy nearly drowned.
Turns out a dozen blue-chippers can, in fact, play a game so ugly that James Naismith might wish he never hung up those peach baskets.
For it was in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA, in 1891 that Dr James Naismith created the game, having been tasked with finding a sport that was suitable for playing indoors during the chilly winter months.
Died on this day 1939: James Naismith, inventor of baseball.