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Ross, Sir James Clark,

1800–1862, British polar explorer and rear admiral. In 1818 he accompanied his uncle, Sir John RossRoss, Sir John,
1777–1856, British arctic explorer and rear admiral. In 1818 he went in search of the Northwest Passage but turned back after exploring Baffin Bay.
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, in search of the Northwest Passage and commanded the Erebus. He later studied Eskimo life while on several arctic voyages (1819–27) with W. E. ParryParry, Sir William Edward
, 1790–1855, British arctic explorer and rear admiral. He entered the navy at 13 and made his first voyage to the Arctic under Sir John Ross in 1818 in search of the Northwest Passage.
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. In another expedition (1829–33) with his uncle, he located (1831) in Boothia Peninsula the north magnetic pole (now located in Prince of Wales Island). In command of an expedition (1839–43) to study earth magnetism in Antarctica, Ross discovered Ross Sea, reaching Ross Island and following the Ross Ice Shelf eastward for c.350 mi (560 km). He also discovered Victoria Land and much of North Graham Land. He recorded his experiences in his Voyage of Discovery and Research to Southern and Antarctic Regions (1847). In 1848–49 he made another visit to the Arctic in search for Sir John FranklinFranklin, Sir John,
1786–1847, British explorer in N Canada whose disappearance caused a widespread search of the Arctic. Entering the navy in 1801, he fought in the battle of Trafalgar.
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See E. S. Dodge, The Polar Rosses (1973); A. Gurney, The Race to the White Continent (2000).

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We know that in those Antarctic countries, James Ross found two craters, the Erebus and Terror, in full activity, on the 167th meridian, latitude 77@ 32'.
There appeared on the high bottoms some coral shrubs, of the kind which, according to James Ross, live in the Antarctic seas to the depth of more than 1,000 yards.
She was a screw propeller of eight hundred tons, a fast sailer, and the very vessel that had been sent out to the polar regions, to revictual the last expedition of Sir James Ross.
James Ross signed up to a phone, TV and broadband package.
The third volume in the outstanding 'Twilight of Empire" series by author Ian James Ross, "Battle For Rome" continues to showcase his genuine flair for writing a compelling novel that will have enduring appeal to fans of deftly crafted historical fiction.
In this book, Canadian polar explorer Andrew Taylor describes his work commanding Operation Tabarin, a British expedition to Antarctica during WWII that established a base at Hope Bay and explored James Ross Island.
James Ross, chairman of the Global SPDR business at SSGA, has been honored by ETF.
Comedian Les Dawson in Liverpool at the turning on of the Christmas lights, with the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Cllr James Ross, in December 5, 1980 TONY KENWRIGHT
James Ross was giving evidence at the hearing of Lesley Bate, who faces 13 charges over her role as a social worker with Fife Council from December 2011 to August 2014.
Measuring around 1,500 metres long and 500 metres wide, Glasser Glacier is located on James Ross Island and flows westward from a large ice dome on Lachman Crags.
Iwan Torr, James Ross, Carwyn Griffith, Nicolas Jones, Rhys Hughes, Osian Jones, Dafydd Owen and Jason Butcher have all gone on to gain employment in the engineering sector with companies such as Babcock International, the NHS, Snowdon Mountain Railway and Wylfa since completing their apprenticeships.
In War at the Edge of the World, the first book of a planned series entitled Twilight of Empire, Ian James Ross offers a gritty tale of adventure and an invigorating immersion into a time and place that is both familiar and perplexingly strange to contemporary readers.