Simpson, Sir James Young

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Simpson, Sir James Young,

1811–70, Scottish physician, M.D. Univ. of Edinburgh, 1832. He became (1839) professor of medicine and midwifery at Edinburgh. For a while he employed ether anesthesia in childbirth, but soon abandoned its use in favor of chloroform, which he introduced as an anesthetic in 1847. Eminent as an obstetrician, he was also known as an archaeologist.
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The 1 SCOTS private, who lost his legs in 2010, was competing with amputees, soldiers James Simpson and Jake Bartlett, who are from Leeds.
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James Simpson, 76, saw someone trying to take his Land Rover Discovery at around 8.
WHICKHAM'S James Simpson and Tom Rowland, from the Prudhoe club, led the England Under-18 team to victory in the Canadian International Junior Challenge at Oslerbrook Golf & Country Club in Ontario.
James Simpson, 49, from Lea Crescent, Ormskirk, was in breach of his tenancy agreement when he failed to allow inspectors to service his gas appliances.
Others have moved into the sans dosage sector, but we have arguably produced a more refined product," said company director James Simpson MW.
James Simpson, 38, of Maybole, Ayrshire, was working on the tractor when it was struck by a Ford Ka driven by Mary Lord, 66, of Maidens.
Dona Bracke, dismissed from the bench last December after a three-month investigation into her alleged unethical conduct, said Glendale Municipal Court Judge James Simpson acted with ``malice, ill will, vindictiveness and hatred'' toward her because she would not concede to his ``unlawful and ethical'' request.
At a ceremony at SunLine Transit today, FTA Administrator James Simpson said, "Through this national program, we can consolidate Co and accelerate Co the process of making hydrogen buses commercially feasible as cleaner, more efficient alternatives.
Christopher Grenfell is serving a minimum of 17 years for murdering James Simpson, 76, last November.
bs u cIdO2j To book a place, contact James Simpson, Idle Valley Reserves Officer, on 07969 202305 or email at jsimpson@nottswt.
FOUR players from the North-East - Phil Ridden, Garrick Porteous, Kris Gray and James Simpson - yesterday progressed to the start of the matchplay stages of the English Amateur Championship at Woburn.