Simpson, Sir James Young

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Simpson, Sir James Young,

1811–70, Scottish physician, M.D. Univ. of Edinburgh, 1832. He became (1839) professor of medicine and midwifery at Edinburgh. For a while he employed ether anesthesia in childbirth, but soon abandoned its use in favor of chloroform, which he introduced as an anesthetic in 1847. Eminent as an obstetrician, he was also known as an archaeologist.
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The 1 SCOTS private, who lost his legs in 2010, was competing with amputees, soldiers James Simpson and Jake Bartlett, who are from Leeds.
James Simpson, club chairman and South Park Rangers Under 16s girls' coach, said: "The team's victories will see them take on the rest of the country at the end of June in a competition set to take place in Birmingham and at the Aces Tournament.
Those entering the Spartan Sprint faced 25 obstacles over a three-mile course, while those seeking a bigger test tackled 35 obstacles over eight miles in The Super - including former Army soldier James Simpson, who recently became the first double amputee to run a UK Spartan Race.
James Simpson, who lost both legs while on duty in Afghanistan, underwent a gruelling gauntlet of mud crawls under barbed wire, cargo net climbs and firelog leaps laid out in the eight-mile cross-country Spartan Super race course which was arduous enough for ablebodied athletes.
Lance Bombardier James Simpson, 27, completed the four-mile course and 25 obstacles in just over four hours after four months of training.
com)-- InTouch Credit Union (ITCU) congratulated ITCU employees Millicent Mayaka and James Simpson as they graduated from the Southwest CUNA (Credit Union National Association) Management School (SCMS) on July 17, 2013.
WHICKHAM'S James Simpson, now 20, won the Durham County Boys Championship three years in a row during his time as a junior.
Mehboob downed Qatari wild card Ahmed al Tamimi, brother of Abdulla, and Hussaini launched his renewed title bid with a tough victory against English qualifier James Simpson in 28 minutes.
James Simpson, 20, who attends Corbridge''s Dilston College, has been called up to the England MENCAP football squad for the European Championships in Geneva in May.
Scripps matched European growers this year because of improved strorage practices and a strong 2009 Conference crop, which was conducive to long-term storage, said James Simpson, managing director of Adrian Scripps.
James Simpson, Wirral NEXT season is make or break for Moyes - I'm a huge fan but we have to make a top six finish.
Bridgend went ahS ead after nine minutes, while James Simpson scored Barry's equaliser with 20 minutes gone.