James Stuart

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Stuart, James,

1713–88, English architect, archaeologist, and painter. After working his way to Rome in 1742, Stuart accompanied Nicholas Revett on an archaeological expedition to Naples. Under the auspices of the Society of Dilettanti of London, they also went to Greece. In Athens (1751) they made accurate measurements of the ruins, particularly those of the Acropolis, and published their findings in The Antiquities of Athens, the first volume of which appeared in 1762. Its excellent illustrations depicted for the first time the great achievements of Greek architecture. Their work aroused wide attention and acted as a prime influence in the classic revivalclassic revival,
widely diffused phase of taste (known as neoclassic) which influenced architecture and the arts in Europe and the United States during the last years of the 18th and the first half of the 19th cent.
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Wayne James Stuart, who is also known as Wayne Gaffing, didn't attend a hearing at Newcastle Crown Court on March 6 earlier this year.
They camped beside the river before setting out to raise the standard of the exiled James Stuart, the Catholic son of James II, as rightful king in place of George I.
1715: James Stuart, the 'Old Pretender', landed at Peterhead to lead a Jacobite rebellion.
1715: James Stuart, the "Old Pretender", landed at Peterhead to lead a Jacobite rebellion.
Robert James Stuart [and] Darren Hughes died from the unintended consequences of necessary medical intervention.
James Stuart, 17, was sentenced to three months in prison for each item by a judge in Southport, to be served concurrently.
6, 1715: Rebels led by Highland clans back Scotland's aspiring heir to the British throne, James Stuart.
People were leaving a family house gathering when James Stuart Cooper said to his mum: "Haway mam, let's have you out as well.
A notice in The London Gazette read: "The Queen has directed that the appointment of James Stuart Hall to be an Officer of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, dated 31 December 2011, shall be cancelled and annulled and that his name shall be erased from the Register of the said Order.
The 82-year-old former It's A Knockout star gave his full name as James Stuart Hall when he was called before the bench for the brief hearing at Preston Magistrates' Court.
He offers personal and polemic views of the evolution of extramural studies from the missionary enthusiasm of James Stuart, founder of the university, to the present rapid closing of continuing education departments.
A series of scholarly studies by such men as Robert Wood, Robert Adam, James Stuart and Nicholas Revett in the second half of the eighteenth century brought English connoisseurs from that time period increasingly into contact with the classical world.