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river, Bangladesh: see BrahmaputraBrahmaputra
[Sanskrit,=son of Brahma], river, c.1,800 mi (2,900 km) long, rising in the Kailas range of the Himalayas, SW Tibet, China, and flowing through NE India to join with the Ganges River in central Bangladesh to form a vast delta; it is navigable for large craft c.
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3 Kv Overhead Line To Provide The Site For Installation Of Road Weigh Bridge And Providing, Fixing, And Installation Of Earthpit Using Safe Electrodes At Different Locations Of Meera Incline, Jamuna Kotma Area
TWENTY seven- yearold tribal health worker Jamuna Mani Singh has been working tirelessly for past five years in the tribal hamlets of the backward Nilgiri block in Odisha's Balasore district-- about 200 km from the state capital-- trying to rid the area of malaria which is still reckoned as one of the biggest killers in the state.
Jamuna Tamung was rescued by her grandson earlier this week after being trapped under the heavy bricks of her collapsed house for three days, with no water and just one biscuit to eat.
Jamuna Tamung was rescued by her grandson after three days trapped under her collapsed house in Kathmandu.
Dhaka, July 31 ( ANI ): At least 18 people went missing and two were confirmed dead as a boat capsized in the Jamuna river in western Bangladesh.
uk Jamuna For fans of Indian Cuisine Jamuna Restaurant in Caerphilly Road, Cardiff, is offering a range of deals and offers, headed by its renowned Mon-Thurs four-course meal starting from pounds 7.
Surgeon Keith Goh, who led the operation to separate the girls who were born with fused skulls, intends to bring eight-year-old Jamuna Shrestha back to assess her condition and see how he can begin work on a cranioplasty, or rebuilding of the skull.
Jamuna and Ganga Shrestha were in different rooms for the first time in their short lives yesterday after doctors successfully separated the Siamese twin girls, who were born joined at the head.
8-kilometer Bangabandhu Bridge over the Jamuna River, the longest in South Asia and 11th longest in the world, was scheduled to open Tuesday.
Tenders are invited for Re-Wiring Of 35 Nos Of Miners Type Quarters Of Jamuna Township, Jamuna Kotma Area
According to Surat Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana, Sai has revealed that he had physical relations with at least eight other female devotees, apart from fathering a child with one of his disciple Jamuna, who is still on the run.
uk Jamuna FOR fans of Indian cuisine, Jamuna Restaurant in Caerphilly Road, Cardiff has a range of deals and offers, headed by its Mon-Thurs fourcourse meal from pounds 7.