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Mikhail Youzhny looks on the short side for his clash with 2-1 chance Viktor Troicki, who will also be keen to impress having recently ditched longterm coach Jan de Witt.
Beginning with the second half of the seventeenth century and ending with the early twentieth, contributors (who work in economics and other fields in Europe and North America) discuss the contributions of Jacob Bernoulli, Isaac Le Maire, Joseph de la Vega, Jan de Witt, Edmond Halley, Abraham de Moivre, Thomas Simpson, John Law, Emmanuel-Etienne Duvillard, Henri Lefevre, Jules Regnault, Louis Bachelier, and Vincenz Bronzin.
The ambitions of the aristocrat had to find common ground with the closely-held customs and laws of each province, and astute patronage enabled him to do this, attracting the admiration of even Jan De Witt, who was not in the habit of praising the political acumen of the aristocracy.