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Fonda, Jane,

1937–, American actress, b. New York City; daughter of Henry FondaFonda, Henry,
1905–83, American actor, b. Grand Island, Nebr. He had considerable stage experience, appearing in such plays as Mr. Roberts (1948), The Caine Mutiny Court Martial (1958), and Two for the Seesaw (1959).
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 and sister of Peter FondaFonda, Peter,
1939–, American actor. The son of Henry Fonda and brother of Jane Fonda, he made his screen debut in a forgettable 1963 feature. Several movies later he co-wrote and starred in the now-classic 1960s motorcycle odyssey Easy Rider
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. First cast in pert and sexy roles, she later distinguished herself in dramatic parts, often as a tough and disillusioned woman. Regarded as one of the best actresses of her generation, she is also a committed feminist and has occasionally left acting to pursue a radical, later liberal, political agenda. In 1971 she made a controversial trip to North Vietnam during the Vietnam WarVietnam War,
conflict in Southeast Asia, primarily fought in South Vietnam between government forces aided by the United States and guerrilla forces aided by North Vietnam. The war began soon after the Geneva Conference provisionally divided (1954) Vietnam at 17° N lat.
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. In the 1980s and 90s she promoted physical fitness through a series of popular books and videotapes. She won Academy Awards for her roles in Klute (1971) and Coming Home (1978). Her other films include Cat Ballou (1965), Barefoot in the Park (1967), Barbarella (1968), They Shoot Horses Don't They? (1969), Julia (1977), The China Syndrome (1979), On Golden Pond (1981), Agnes of God (1985), and Stanley and Iris (1990). Over the years she married and divorced French director Roger Vadim, American radical and politician Tom Hayden, and American mogul Ted TurnerTurner, Ted
(Robert Edward Turner 3d), 1938–, American television network executive, b. Cincinnati. After inheriting his father's billboard company, he founded (1976) a television station, WTBS, and built it into the Turner Broadcasting System (TBS).
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. Fonda retired in 1991 but returned to the screen in 2005 in the comedy Monster-in-Law.


See her autobiographies, My Life So Far (2005) and Prime Time (2011); biographies by T. Kiernan (1973) and P. Boswell (2011).

Fonda, Jane

(1937–  ) movie actress; born in New York City. She attended Vassar College, left to study art in Paris, returned to New York to dabble in modeling, and then began a stage career; in 1955 she costarred with her father, Henry Fonda, in an Omaha, Nebr., production of The Country Girl. Her screen debut was in Tall Story (1960). She had a brief phase as a sexpot under the direction of her French filmmaker husband Roger Vadim, but after divorcing him she commenced an entirely new phase as a serious actress and committed radical. She married the political militant, Tom Hayden, took a lead in opposing the Vietnam War—earning the nickname "Hanoi Jane" because she traveled to the Communist capital and posed for pictures there—and became increasingly identified as a spokesperson on issues of civil rights and women's rights. At the same time she continued her screen career and won Oscars as best actress in Klute (1971) and Coming Home (1978). One of her finest moments came when she produced and appeared in On Golden Pond (1982), which gave her father his Oscar-winning role. In the 1980s she seemed to take yet another tack with her life, becoming immensely successful with a series of aerobic-exercise videos, divorcing Tom Hayden, and, after marrying media-mogul Ted Turner, turning her attention to environmental issues.
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