Jane Goodall

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Goodall, Jane

(go͝od`ôl), 1934–, English ethologist and primatologist. After working with Louis LeakeyLeakey, Louis Seymour Bazett
, 1903–72, British archaeologist and anthropologist of E Africa, b. Kabete, Kenya; father of Richard Leakey. His fossil discoveries in E Africa demonstrated that humans were far older than had previously been suspected.
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 but without any formal scientific training, she established (1960) a research camp in the Gombe Stream Game Reserve, a national park in what is now Tanzania, to study chimpanzeechimpanzee,
an ape, genus Pan, of the equatorial forests of central and W Africa. Smaller populations are also found in the savannas of the same regions. The common chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes, lives N of the Congo River.
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 behavior. She kept meticulous records of the apes' movements, interactions, and social organization. Among her many findings have been that chimpanzees are capable of complex behavior patterns and emotional relationships, that they have the dexterity and intelligence to make and use tools, and that they hunt and eat meat. Becoming an active conservationist, in 1977 she founded the Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Education and Conservation in Silver Spring, Md. Later she established "Roots and Shoots," an international children's environmental education program. Her writings include My Friends the Wild Chimpanzees (1967), In the Shadow of Man (1967), The Chimpanzees of Gombe (1986), Reason for Hope (1999), and Hope for Animals and Their World (2009).


See D. Peterson, ed., Africa in My Blood, An Autobiography in Letters: The Early Years (2000); biography by D. Peterson (2006); B. Morgen, dir., Jane (documentary, 2017).

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Jane Goodall started the Roots & Shoots program for youth in 1991 after being approached by a group of 16 teenagers in Tanzania eager to discuss with her a range of problems that caused them deep concern in their communities.
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