January 10

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January 10


Harbin Ice and Snow Festival (January 5-February 4)

Meitlisonntag (Second Sunday in January) Jan 10, 2016; Jan 10, 2021

Seijin-no-Hi (Second Monday in January) Jan 10, 2011; Jan 10, 2022

Legal Holidays by Countries

National Vodoun DayBenin

Legal Holidays in United States

Eugenio Maria de Hostos DayPuerto Rico
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PIE" Hudson, 53, passed away on Saturday, January 10th after a brief illness.
Prior to the meeting, a preparatory meeting will be held by the Permanent Committee for the Arab Culture from January 10th to 11th.
From now until January 10th, reminders will be posted via the SPI Study Abroad website (www.
This event, which is part of the Syrian Tourism Day activities held in various places around the world by the Tourism Ministry and Syrian communities abroad, will be concluded on January 10th.
Daewoo International (Vice Chair Lee Donghee) began Shwe gas production in Myanmar on January 10th.
PARIS, March 3 (KUNA) -- France said Sunday that one of its soldiers was killed during clashes with Islamic rebels in northern Mali, the third fatality in French forces since last January 10th.
Bartholomew's Church, Cresswell on Thursday January 10th at 10.
Chavez is due to be sworn in on January 10th after winning another six-year term as president in October.
Today's Caregiver magazine hosts leading experts for January 10th Best Practices Hearing Health Webinar.
He added: "Five thousand fishermen, left the profession because of the risks they are exposed, ;"The last act of aggression by the Kuwaiti side was on January 10th , where a boat belonging to the Kuwaiti Coast Guard boats flooded an Iraqi civil fishing boat , and five Iraqi fishermen detained for three days, two of them fate unknown so far.
Pete Coors, 64, was recently named "Citizen of the West" by the National Western Stock Show, and accepted the honor at a dinner on January 10th.
e take away, delivery, which have no other support services, will also have a VAT of 5% as of January 10th.