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Only when Aron moves into an orphanage run by Janusz Korczak, a doctor and children's rights activist, does he find both healing and a higher social purpose.
Screenplays that were considered by the Soviet censors to be too Jewish, like Mikhail Kalik's 1966 King Matt and the Old Doctor, inspired by the writings and life of Janusz Korczak, were simply "buried" and thus became phantoms, as were screenplays that did not deal sufficiently with heroic resistance to German occupation.
Adapted by Russian poet-teacher Marya Deykute from a 1926 Polish children's book by Jewish physician and educator Janusz Korczak - with a score by JMTE co-founding composer and director Leo Loginov-Katz, "King Matiusz I" focuses on the adventures and challenges of the title hero, who becomes king upon the death of his father.
Janusz Korczak (YAH-noosh KOR-chak), a Jewish professor and author who runs an orphanage in the ghetto
Other awards over the years include the Janusz Korczak Medal, the Silver Pencil Award, the Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction, the Phoenix Award, and the Hans Christian Andersen Medal.
This set of beliefs, in relation to education, also is influenced by the spiritual mentor of Israeli education, Janusz Korczak, a Polish medical doctor and educator at the time of the German invasion of Poland.
One can point, for example, to Kohlberg's decision to pay homage to Janusz Korczak in the epilogue to his Philosophy of Moral Development.
Switzerland is a keen promoter of Middle East peace initiatives and the meeting was financed by the Swiss federal government, the city of Geneva and the Swiss-based children's rights organization, The Friends of Dr Janusz Korczak.
As the Polish pediatrician Janusz Korczak pointed out, "The good child cries very little, he sleeps through the night, he is confident and good-natured.
The second concept was grounded in the pedagogical theory of Janusz Korczak and Jozef Czeslaw Bobicki.
Though generally unknown to the public at large, the name of Janusz Korczak evokes the image of author-educator-socialworker-saint in wide circles in Israel and Poland.
Miss Pola, who had been a student of Janusz Korczak, hit the right string, gave me homework for life, and so I still write about those who did not make it.