Japanese ash

Japanese ash, tamo

A light, yellowish wood having a grain similar to oak; esp. used for veneer.
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In some areas, Japanese ash and sen are used as trade names for the same species; however, Japanese ash (tamo) is from the species Fraxinus mandschurica of the Family Oleaceae, while sen is from the species Acanthopanax ricinifolius of the Family Araliaceae.
Japanese ash differs from sen in that it has very good steam bending properties.
A tiki hut with a rock grotto waterfall, a personal home theater, custom-made Moroccan inspired columns made of Japanese ash wood and designer leather interior are just some of the visual treats that adorn the more than 6,000-square-foot home of NFL star Ty Law.
While each room is a visual delight, both Hayes and Law say their favorite room is the master bedroom, which features warm tones, shoji-style screens of woven Japanese ash and a leather platform bed with a moving headboard.
In the past few years, botanists have reported this odd sex mix in a Japanese ash tree as well as in a member of the cucumber family.

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