Japanese ash

Japanese ash, tamo

A light, yellowish wood having a grain similar to oak; esp. used for veneer.
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The Infiniti M's dramatic, sports styling is matched with a roomy, comfortable interior environment featuring standard leather-appointed seating, Japanese Ash wood trim or available silver powdered genuine White Ash wood trim, and available premium audio and climate control systems.
In some areas, Japanese ash and sen are used as trade names for the same species; however, Japanese ash (tamo) is from the species Fraxinus mandschurica of the Family Oleaceae, while sen is from the species Acanthopanax ricinifolius of the Family Araliaceae.
Japanese ash differs from sen in that it has very good steam bending properties.
In the past few years, botanists have reported this odd sex mix in a Japanese ash tree as well as in a member of the cucumber family.

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