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All roses are edible. Rose petals can be added to salads or sprinkled on desserts, used as edible decorations and made into tea. Darker ones have more flavor. Be sure to remove the bitter white portion of the petals. Different types and colors have quite different tastes In India, they dry the petals, grind them into powder and then use the powder in everything, but you can eat the petals fresh straight off the plant. Rose Hips, At the base of the flower is a “hip”, a red cranberrylooking thing. Rosehips are a famously super high source of vitamin C, riboflavins and antioxidants, also used to help with constipation.
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The project intends to remove the Japanese rose from a minimum of 10.
Korres Valentine's Day Japanese Rose Gift Set is PS20 and available from Harvey Nichols and www.
Mike Leakey, senior reserve manager of Natural England, who organised the project, explained that rubbish is a hazard to birds and marine animals such as seals and dolphins as well as being unsightly and the Japanese rose, if left unchecked, can dominate the dunes, out-competing the natural sand dune plants.
To control invasive alien plant species: Japanese rose (Rosa rugosa) Cord grass (Spartina anglica)
Derived from the Japanese rose, it has upright, thorny stems and repeat flowers, producing fragrant magenta or white blooms with a centre of yellow stamens, followed by large, tomato-like hips.
The Japanese Rose bodycare range from Korres, the Greek skincare brand, has the scent of Eastern rose petals as well as containing anti-oxidant enzymes as well as softening and moisturising agents.

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