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JATO (jet-assisted takeoff)

A system of small rocket engines providing auxiliary thrust on takeoff. The rockets are jettisoned in a safe area after use. Also called RATO (rocket-assisted takeoff).
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measured via the MacJen, a variation of the JATA used by Woolard and
JATA World Travel Fair held at Tokyo Big Sight exhibition centre, from Friday the 19th until Sunday the 21st of September 2008, will showcase 134 countries and regions, which will serve to stimulate Japanese travel demand and launch new travel trends.
Jata, the Ngaju-deity of water and the underworld, was degraded to become a manifestation of Ranying Hatalla Langit.
JATA (1998), World Air Transportation Statistics, International Air Transportation Association, Montreal, 1998.
Terms like saumya (gentle and beautiful), trinetra (three-eyed), suklavastra (white cloth), mala (chaplet), kundala (large rings worn on the ears), jata (clotted hair) and balendu (new moon) are some other details of his epithets.
Shree Jata Bapa Associates bought a one-acre site west of the Comfort Inn at 3925 McCain Park Drive for $140,000 ($3.
With JATA integrated into a single platform for end-to-end clinical documentation, the combined Nuance Healthcare solution is creating a revolutionary process for hospitals to efficiently transition to ICD-10 through the creation of more clinically accurate documentation.
The subject of this contract is the provision of services in the field of forestry in particular: the acquisition and hauling wood, forest protection, forest fire protection, the culture of the forest, forest road maintenance rangeries: Sarnow, Kujawa, WojcieszkEw, wever, Korvin, Krynszczak, DabrEwka News , Jagodne, Jata, Rose, Stoczek; nursery work in rangeries Krynszczak, wever.
Arrey teenteen rotiyan kha jata hai, kaha se lun itne paise ( You eat three rotis at one time; from where should I arrange that much money)" an angry Bishan reportedly shouted at him.
Maryada ka ulanghan hota hai, toh Sita-haran ho jata hai.
svatantryad viprahasyanti kule jata api striyah | asvatantryam atas tasam prajapatir akalpayat || pita raksati kaumare bharta raksati yauvane | putra raksanti vaidhavye na stri svatantryam arhati || Nar 13.
into tractor at Jata Ismail Khel in the limits of Banda Daud Shah police station.