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At the furthermost end of the apse, and to the right of the stupa, the artists drew images from the Shyama Jataka which tells of Shyama, a virtuous forest-dweller fatally hit by the poisoned arrow of the King of Varanasi who is out hunting.
Both heritage and convert groups of teens enjoyed readings from Buddhist scriptures that included Jataka, Buddhacarita (the Life of the Buddha) and the Angulimala story.
The Jataka collection told the story of a king's elephant that made friends with a stable dog.
Silavanaga-jataka": The Jataka together with Its Commentary, vol.
The teachings are found not only in the Pali Canon or the Tipitaka (San: Tripitaka; "Three Baskets," the entire collection of Buddhist writings and scriptures) and Sutta Pitaka (Discourses of the Buddha), but also in such religious literatures as the Jataka Tales (chronicles and myths of the Buddha's previous incarnations).
If the Jataka Tales of the Buddha are anything to go by, even animals may behave in moral or immoral ways, causing them to ascend or descend within the narrow range of the bestial hierarchy, it being better to be a stallion than a swine.
Airtel's "Comics Portal" provides subscribers with WAP-enabled handsets to access more than 300 Indian and international comic characters including Doga, Nagraj, Akbar, Birbal, Tenaliraman, Jataka Tales, Love Is, BC, Animal Crackers and Dick Tracey as well as comics supplied by Amar Chitra Katha.
Speaking of the Jataka storytelling tradition amongst the Laotians of eastern Thailand, Wongthet explains that "understanding of the Jakata story-telling activity will help us understand the world-view, personality and cultural values of Laotians" (24).
Four Friends is a flat-spined children's picturebook that brings to life one of the Buddhist Jataka stories--ancient morality tales similar to Aesop's classic fables.
More than 50 tales from creation myths to animal tales, Buddhist Jataka, moral stories, trickster tales, ghost stories, riddles, legends, and more fill this wonderfully rich and exciting volume.
The fables contained in the Pali canon are a part of the Jataka stories, stories about the former births of the Buddha or the Boddhisatva-stones.
This is reflected in the subject matter that predominates in the cave paintings: the Buddha teaching, Jataka tales, bodhisattvas, and flying musical devatas (Tucker, 154-5).