Java 2 SDK

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Meantime, Sun is now shipping the Java 2 SDK - actually version 1.
For the record, what Sun is offering is the Java 2 SDK (formerly JDKTM 1.
The world's leading Java(TM) components now support Java 2 SDK 1.
All JClass products now support Java 2 SDK version 1.
0 continues this tradition by providing new support for the latest JDKs including Sun's Java 2 SDK 1.
0, formerly known as JClass Enterprise Suite, now supporting Java 2 SDK version 1.
Caldera Systems becomes the first commercial Linux distribution vendor to license Java source code from Sun Microsystems, and it will provide a commercially supported Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition to its channel partners.
The Java 2 SDK for Solaris performance records were set for large-scale applications when compared to ten other Java Development Kits, according to VolanoMark Benchmark results.
Large, complex Internet commerce and ERP application customers will benefit most from the fast response times and high availability that Java 2 SDK for Solaris delivers under peak performance loads.
The new release of Java 2 SDK for Solaris includes an enhanced runtime system that features: -0-

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