Java 2 SDK

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Oracle8i Release 2 supports the Java 2 SDK Standard Edition version 1.
Meantime, Sun is now shipping the Java 2 SDK - actually version 1.
In addition, this solution is expected to deliver matured APIs for Java 2 SDK, Enterprise Edition, XML support, Java(TM) Messaging Services technology and new enhancements for improved database performance.
The Java 2 SDK, Enterprise Edition programming model will continue to be the primary programming model for this version of the Alliance application server.
For the record, what Sun is offering is the Java 2 SDK (formerly JDKTM 1.
The world's leading Java(TM) components now support Java 2 SDK 1.
All JClass products now support Java 2 SDK version 1.
0 continues this tradition by providing new support for the latest JDKs including Sun's Java 2 SDK 1.
0, formerly known as JClass Enterprise Suite, now supporting Java 2 SDK version 1.
Caldera Systems becomes the first commercial Linux distribution vendor to license Java source code from Sun Microsystems, and it will provide a commercially supported Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition to its channel partners.
The Java 2 SDK for Solaris performance records were set for large-scale applications when compared to ten other Java Development Kits, according to VolanoMark Benchmark results.

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